100th Day of School Fun!

Lots of 100th Day Fun in our classrooms today!

January 10th was our 100th Day of school.

Students had fun counting at home with their parents

and deciding what they would like to bring to show their friends.

100 gummi bears, 100 cheerios, 100 ponytail holders,

100 pebbles, 100 pennies, 100 marbles (of her brother’s marble collection),

a 100 piece puzzle, 100 goldfish crackers, 100 Legos, 100 Lucky Charms,

100 ribbons, and 100 dinosaur stickers are just a few of the fun things our

children brought to school to show and share!

“Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of School” by Joseph Slate

was one of the books read and enjoyed in class, along with activities

such as the 100 Board, counting by 10’s, wearing 100 Day visors

and making 100 day necklaces from Fruit Loops.

YAY for the mighty 100!

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