Apples Apples Everywhere! Happy Birthday Mr. Appleseed!

Johnny Appleseed…an American Legend…and Planter of Apple Trees!

Today is Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday, and we wanted to learn about him and the impact he made upon the early beginnings of America.  Johnny was a real person.  He was a skilled nurseryman who grew trees and supplied apple seeds to the pioneers in the mid-western United States.  He gave away and sold many trees.  Although he was successful with his trees, Appleseed lived a simple life. He was a vegetarian, wore raggedy clothes, and went barefoot most of the time.  It is said that when Johnny traveled, he wore his cooking pot on his head as a hat.  He loved all animals and loved studying everything in nature.  He was a friend to all people.  Because of his reputation with growing apple trees, people welcomed him into their homes.  Johnny Appleseed was born in Massachusetts on September 26, 1774.  His real name was John Chapman, but he was called Johnny Appleseed because of his love for growing apple trees!  We don’t know how much education he had, but we do know that he was a great reader for one of his time and his type of life.  But the passion of his life was to plant apple seeds, because he loved to see trees grow and he loved his fellowman.  The world has often been made better because someone possessed an idea and worked at it passionately!

And…speaking of Apples…National Apple Day is October 21st!  We will be spending a few weeks learning more about apples…apple nutrition, apple foods, apple songs, apple stories, apple science, apple graphs, apple math…and more! Adobe Montessori wants to encourage our students to include apples in their everyday lives.  Medical research has found that apples are healthy for us in so many ways!   Pediatricians encourage parents to incorporate apples in their child’s diet daily.

Adobe’s next blog:  12 Healthy Apple Facts!





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