Busy Busy Days

The Montessori method strives to arouse the child’s interest; to stimulate, and to provide an individualized learning atmosphere. This is the “Prepared Environment” which invites a child to get herself involved and puts her mind in gear.  To catch the excitement inherent in discovery, and to know deep down that she did it herself because she felt the need to understand and to conquer a problem, is worth far more to a child’s self-image and development than to respond to never-ending teacher direction.

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The Montessori approach is an organic method – one that lays a solid and “hand’s-on” foundation that the child can internalize thoroughly. It is on this type of solid foundation that academic and developmental success is fostered.  The Montessori method allows the child to unfold naturally, with their teacher acting as their guide, presenting materials to them consistently until the “spark” of true understanding lights within them.

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