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Busy Busy Days

The Montessori method strives to arouse the child’s interest; to stimulate, and to provide an individualized learning atmosphere. This is the “Prepared Environment” which invites.

Adobe’s Outdoor Environment FUN

The Outdoor Environment is a special time during the day that children may choose to attend. It is an outdoor extension of  Practical Life, Science, and Nature.

Preschool in Chandler AZ

If you are looking for a preschool in Chandler, AZ then Adobe Montessori is the place for you. We are conveniently located off Ray and.

What is a Montessori School?

When it comes to choosing a preschool for your child there are many different types of schools to choose between. One of the best routes.

What Will My Child Learn at a Montessori School?

Montessori education is a wonderful way to teach your kids. If you are unfamiliar with the Montessori Method then you are probably wondering what types.

What is a Montessori Classroom Like?

If you are unfamiliar with Montessori education then you may be wondering what the typical Montessori classroom looks like. While it may have four walls.