Enrollment Paperwork


Early Primary Classroom

This is a classroom which specializes in the very young child ~ ages two and one-half to three years of age.  It  provides an environment which prepares the young child for the Primary classroom.  Young children need time to lengthen their attention span and ability to concentrate, take direction, gain control over their very active bodies.  The materials and activities are developmentally appropriate for helping the child perfect his or her natural tools for learning, so that the child’s abilities will be maximized for future learning situations.    To consider your child ready for enrollment in the Early Primary classroom your child must be potty-trained or be in the final stages of being potty-trained.   See “Information” for classtimes.

Primary Classroom

The Primary classroom is for children ages three through six.  We encourage a three-year cycle for our students.   The young child plants the seeds of learning in the classroom when the he/she is two and half to three years old. Throughout the first and second year strong foundations of learning are laid in social, sensorial, language, reading, writing,  mathematic, and many other areas of academic, emotional, and physical areas of development.  The third or kindergarten year for the child reaps the harvest of these previous carefully cultivated years.  The child makes great strides in perfecting their hard won and proudly earned skills.   When your child leaves Adobe Montessori and transitions into their first grade year, they make the transition easily and with confidence .

The Teachers and Staff at Adobe Montessori are dedicated individuals who earnestly believe in the young child and the Montessori Method.  We share Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision that children deserve to be respected as individuals, nurtured and encouraged to develop a love of learning that will last their whole life.