How Many Times Have YOU Walked Around the Sun?

Swathi Walking Around the SunSophia Walking Around the Sun 2

Monson Walking Around the Sun 2

Monson Walking Around the Sun 3 










Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Chavez, and Mrs. Hawley plan a “Montessori Celebration of Life” for their students! Video presentation about that is on our channel and already has extraordinary views and likes. On your child’s birthday parents prepare, with their child, a poster board with a pictorial history of their life.  Parents write a short narration of their child’s life and attaches it to the back of the poster. It is part of our “Montessori Celebration of Life” to include the “Walk Around the Sun”, a powerful, special, and educational Montessori tradition.  The child brings their birthday poster to school on their special day.  Their teacher lays out the “Walk Around the Sun” activity with the representation of the sun and the months of the year while their classmates form a large circle to represent the Earth’s orbit.  The child finds their birthday month and holds the continent globe. They begin their walk around the sun while their teacher and classmates sing “The Earth Goes Around the Sun!”  The teacher shows the child’s one year old pictures to the class as she discusses the accomplishments the child made during their first year.  The child then lights one candle.  The birthday child begins their second “Walk Around the Sun”, starting on their birthday month, as their friends and teacher sing the song again adding the next year, discussing the many developments and accomplishments of the birthday child, and adding another candle for that year.  They continue the celebration until all the candles are lit for the number of times they have “walked around the sun”. At the end, the child shows their full poster to everyone in the class and blows out the candles to end their celebration. Check this out offer help to your financing.

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