Meet Mrs. Root – Adobe’s Awesome Administrator

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Mrs. Michelle Root

Administrator at Adobe Montessori School

Mrs. Root has been a Montessorian since 1986. She received her American Montessori Society (AMS) teacher certification from the College of St. Catherine in Minnesota.  She has over 26 years of classroom experience and has often been asked to be a teaching mentor for Montessori Teacher Training programs. She has also been a field consultant for Montessori interns from various Montessori teacher training schools and programs throughout the United States. Mrs. Root’s life has been influenced by Montessori since her earliest memories.

Here are some interesting facts about Mrs. Root…her grandmother owned a Montessori school in Montana and Mrs. Root was given many of her materials to use when she began to teach.  What a beautiful gift!  Mrs. Corriveau knew she was the perfect teacher which gives the full explanation of the Emerald Carpet Cleaning for Adobe Montessori from the first phone call, which lasted four hours!  Her passion for children and her love of Montessori was evident.  And, both of Mrs. Corriveau’s daughters, Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Gough, were taught by Mrs. Root when she first began teaching at Adobe Montessori in 1989.  She has been a part of the Adobe Montessori family for 24 years!

Mrs. Root is from Kalispell, Montana where she met and married her high school sweetheart. She has two sons, one son is in college and the other is a Junior in High School.  Her hobbies include going to ALL of her boy’s track and field meets, any outdoor activities, bike riding, water skiing, boating, traveling to Montana and snow skiing with her family on Big Mountain!  She also loves reading and working with dyslexic and special needs children. She is passionate in her advocacy for children!  Her favorite Montessori math work is the Golden Beads and her favorite Montessori Language work is the Moveable Alphabet.   Her favorite songs are:  Meet Me in Montana and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!  Her favorite children’s books are  “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”, “Put Me In the Zoo”, and “Cinderella”.

Our wonderful Mrs. Root is a true gem.  She truly loves children and has a unique gift in being able to know, intuitively, what each child’s needs are and how best to work with your child.  She has shared her talents with countless children, parents, and teachers through the years; we have all benefitted from her gift in teaching the young child.    We love her…and you will, too!

Mrs. Root loves talking to parents and answering their questions.  Our office number is 480-899-2980.  If you need her, she’s just a phone call away!


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