Adobe’s Outdoor Environment FUN

The Outdoor Environment is a special time during the day that children may choose to attend. It is an outdoor extension of  Practical Life, Science, and Nature Studies. Children LOVE working outdoors and enjoying nature as
they work. 

Our students explore nature, water plants, clean pots and fences and tables and more! Water work, flour sifting, dough work, bubbles, clothes washing, sweeping, lots of multi-media art experiences, sensory activities, excavating dinosaurs, grinding spices, making bird food, bird watching, and writing in nature journals gives you a sneak peek of what our students enjoy in Adobe Montessori’s Outdoor Environment!

Here are a few pictures to peek in on our busy children!

OE Katie smaller version


OE Gage.JPG #2

OE Cleaning Pots

OE Fun

OE Emmie

OE Monson

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