What are The Benefits of Attending a Montessori School?

One of the most common questions we get from parents who aren’t familiar with Montessori education is: “What are the benefits of a Montessori school?” While there are certainly many benefits of Montessori education, here are three things to consider:

1. Individual learning– At a Montessori school one of the greatest benefits a child will receive is individual learning. Every child is unique and as such they deserve to learn at their own pace and in their own way. At Adobe Montessori we believe in helping children learn at their own rate, and also learn what they want to learn, so that they develop of a love for learning.
2. Environment for a child– One thing that can really benefit a child with a Montessori school is the fact that the environment is build around the child’s needs. You’ll notice when you tour a Montessori school that the countertops are shorter, the tables are smaller, and everything seems to “fit” a child a lot better. Having an environment that is built specifically for them can help children to feel more comfortable when they learn and feel more open to explore and express themselves.
3. Develop socially acceptable skills– One of the benefits of a Montessori school is that it will help your child to develop socially acceptable skills. The way the classroom is set up and how the kids interact with each other and the teacher help them to learn acceptable behaviors. Learning these social skills/behaviors at a young age is a crucial part of a child’s development. They will be able to take these skills and apply them to all sorts of real-life experiences.

At Adobe Montessori our goal is to work with students and parents to provide a more well-rounded learning experience. For more information on our curriculum and schedule, give us a call today! (480) 478-1899

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